Kellie and I have known each other professionally through a coaching relationship over the past four or so years. Our professional relationship has grown into a deeper friendship as a result. I trust her as a true friend and confident. She is wise and smart. She has a tremendous sense of humor and I truly enjoy being around her and our coaching time together. I also enjoy working with her leading our team together. She is so positive and her ability to work with our team members in difficult situations, makes it so much easier for us to have courageous conversations because of her style; strong, direct and a clear communicator all at the same time. 

Kellie’s impact on our team was most impactful in the areas of productivity and efficiency. Our team needed systems and processes and she came in and immediately helped us set them up. It was difficult to get used to them at first but her gentle and strong way of reminding us we would get used to it and benefit from it worked. She knew and we trusted her! 

Kellie is so down to earth and is a “jack of all trades and expert at all of them!” She is knowledgeable about so many things and is an expert at them all. She can coach us in operations, leadership, Human Resources, compensation and relationship challenges on our team. Her knowledge and experience enables her to draw from it in many ways. She had far more to offer than we anticipated.  

Kellie and Evolve are a dynamic and positive coaching experience to work with. We thoroughly enjoy our relationship with Kellie and have experienced significant growth in our firm from our work with her. She challenges each of us on our team because she can see what we’re capable of, while encouraging us at the same time.  

Julie Prince, CLU

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Prince Financial Services

I attended Kimberly Cope’s “Values Inspired Goal Setting” Workshop at a most fitting time in my life–I had left a stable job for the unknown. Attending the workshop helped me feel grounded. I now have more clarity as to what my core values are and how they inform the decisions I make, both big and small.

What was also helpful was the follow up session I had with Kim. It cleared up any lingering questions I had. She’s a dynamic and engaging speaker who “gets it”–she understands the roadblocks we sometimes experience when connecting our values to actionable goals.

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the workshop when I did. Thank you Kellie and Kim!

Doris Lorenzo

Deestarr Delectables

Kellie Chun is a terrific business consultant and advisor who has helped us to make our business successful. I have worked with Kellie for the past seven years, and still use her services, as she continues to add value to our organization. She is bright, energetic, and enthusiastic. She has really connected with my team, and they view her as a personnel, office efficiency and marketing resource.

Kellie is an idea person – she is a great listener and she knows how to analyze a situation and come up with fresh and creative solutions. She has my unqualified endorsement and recommendation for anyone who wants to do a better job of organizing and restructuring the operations of their office and their team for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Alan Spiegelman, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Before attending the Evolve (formerly KC Presentations) “Personal Productivity” course, I found myself needing more time each day to do my job. Time to get things done seemed to get shorter and shorter with each passing week. I found myself having to work just a bit longer each day to get things done. Over time, that extra time working added up… I needed help.

After taking the “Personal Productivity” course, and the Productivity Sessions that followed, I was amazed at how much more time in the day I now have. All the sessions were very relaxed, and extremely beneficial. Evolve helped me gain back the time in my day to do my job. I am more efficient, better organized and I have more time to do the special projects. Using the tools and concepts they showed me, it was easy to incorporate these simple changes into my routine. My email is always under control, I never miss a meeting or a commitment. I now have an even better work ethic, and I feel more productive.

I am very pleased and relieved to have had the opportunity to take this course from Evolve. It was well worth the time. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to add more time in their day.

Mark Templeton, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Oracle Fusion Middleware – Identity Management

Have had the pleasure of working with Kellie Chun and evolve (formerly KC Presentations) for a few years now and have consistently found both her and her staff to be extremely professional, pleasant to work with and I have also found that their knowledge and expertise in the consulting realm to be expansive and very beneficial.

We have had the opportunity to work with evolve (formerly KC Presentations) both for consulting and training.  For consulting, Kellie always works to find the best solution for the company (logistically, strategically, ethically and legally) and she has a great heart for people.  For training, Kellie is engaging, has a great sense of humor and the material that is presented is valuable and presented in such a way that you feel that you have spent your time well and you leave with great takeaways to implement immediately.

Julie Harte Conde

General Manager Hotel Avante & Wild Palms Hotel

Since starting our company 20 years ago, we used a number of different consultants to help us effectively run and grow our business. Kellie Chun and her team at evolve (formerly KC Presentations) have been far and away our best investment and partnership. Kellie has helped my business partner and I define, articulate and market our firm’s vision and mission. She continues to strategize with us annually, challenging us with new ideas and holding us accountable to our commitments. Kellie is involved in all hiring decisions, works with our team as a whole to help build a healthy culture, and counsels one on one to grow our most valuable assets; our people.

Kellie is extremely perceptive in observing how our team interrelates and has stepped in numerous times to mediate seemingly small conflicts before they create major issues. We view Kellie as valuable member of our firm and are years ahead because of this strategic relationship. If you are looking to be continually challenged in building a profitable business based on a culture of high integrity and teamwork Kellie Chun is the ideal consulting partner.

Robert A. Grimm

Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network